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Join the efforts to standardize Zot protocol, used in Hubzilla platform. This is a community initiative to push Zot adoption for federated social web


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Fediverse.Party marks a 3 years milestone

Here we are, partying in Fediverse for almost 3 years! Read about our journey, project team, goals, stats and future plans


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Fediverse Birthday, 12 years and counting

On this day, twelve years ago, Mr. Evan Prodromou published his first post on That project now belongs to history, but Fediverse lives on. Happy B...
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Fediverse: reaching beyond

Join Fediverse Universe SETI@home team, find intelligent non-human beings and, please, do invite them to join federated networks!
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Fediverse in 2019

Here's an overview of major events, new projects, issues and achievements in Fediverse 2019. You'll also find out about one important change on this website!
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Kibou joins Fediverse

New project Kibou joins Fediverse. Still in early development stage, it aims to be a highly customizable multi-protocol social networking server
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Fediverse parties on (links updated)

Have the Chronicles run out of news? No way! Here's an update of Fediverse affairs and future plans
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PeerTube 1.1.0

PeerTube new release. Featuring speedier startup, PeerTube CLI, bulk actions, ability to list all local videos, muting accounts and much more
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New minor diaspora* release features full-resolution images, memory usage improvement, docker image and admin panel enhancement
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Fediverse glossary

Have a look at this extensive glossary about Fediverse
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Friendica hackathon 2018

Join Friendica hackathon this weekend, offline in Berlin, or online! Hacking will be focused on the open issues of the upcoming 2018.12 release
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Mastodon 2.6.0 / 2.6.1

Several long-awaited additions in this Mastodon release, including 'read more' link on overly long in-stream toots and link previews
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Hubzilla 3.8 release

Hubzilla 3.8 released this morning. The entire apps and settings infrastructure was re-organised, simplifying the settings and improving general UX
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PeerTube stable 1.0.0 [updated]

PeerTube reached first stable release. A great ammount of work has been put into the project, most milestones met, new features ahead
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Friendica 2018.09

This release brings the restructuring of the item table in the database, alongside some 100 closed issues from the tracker
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Announcing the first episode of a new podcast about Fediverse! The show will feature conversations with fediverse makers and community members
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Mastodon 2.5.0

Federation relays, public profiles and toots redesign, new interaction dialog for remote toots, public profile endorsements, and other additions
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Feneas organization

Will it be useful to have official Fediverse entities to provide financial, media and other support? Feneas is the first initiative
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Federation Myths

Do federated networks provide more privacy by default? Is federation more important than encryption? Some myths debunked in this article
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Socialhome 0.9.0 release

This release brings support for limited content, notifications on mentions, tag search, new local content stream and user data export
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Hubzilla HowTo

Disroot community created a comprehensive HowTo about Hubzilla. Check it out to know more about Hubzilla features (news by
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Fediverse saves you from pickup artists, and 7 more reasons you should make a Fediverse account

The Internet is huge, with millions of websites. But Internet users concentrate on large well-known platforms. We are all familiar with the names of Facebook...
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Contributors wanted (updated)

Anyone who knows Python / VueJS or wants to learn those is very welcome to join and help improve The-Federation.Info stats