diaspora diaspora

landscape image diaspora

Online world where you are in control. Own your data. Choose your audience. Be who you want to be

Friendica Friendica

landscape image Friendica

Personal network with no central authority or ownership. Keep in contact with people you care about

GangGo GangGo

landscape image GangGo

Decentralized platform in early Alpha stage

GNUSocial GNU Social

landscape image GNU Social

Connecting free and independent communities across the web

Hubzilla Hubzilla

landscape image Hubzilla

Feature-rich social platform. Create channels with a decentralized nomadic identity

Mastodon Mastodon

landscape image Mastodon

Social networking back in your hands. Find your perfect community. Take control of your content

Misskey Misskey

landscape image Misskey

Sophisticated microblogging with personality

Osada Osada

landscape image Osada

Conversational style network powered by hyper-drive social engine

PeerTube PeerTube

landscape image PeerTube

Decentralized video hosting. Take back the control of your videos

Pleroma Pleroma

landscape image Pleroma

Federated microblogging, light as a feather

Socialhome Socialhome

landscape image Socialhome

Personal webpage with social networking functionality, suitable for image based content

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Leave the familiar Web behind, and dive into the unique part of the Internet.

This is the world of independence and diversity.
A universe that you shape, refine and expand.