Fediverse glossary

16.11.18 Author(s): @lostinlight ,

Peter Gossner wrote an extensive Fediverse tech glossary. Here’s the Dedication excerpt:

"For Artists and Hackers, Academics, and Admins.
 For Humans who Grok stuff. Those self taught, and persistent.
 For those who build for Us: Tools to own and run.
 For People in Community: Who will not be a Commodity,
 For Our Internet, And all who sail on her.
 Useful may it be. Save time may it much".

This is the right time to notice that fediverse.party is looking for authors! Anyone who would like to write about federated social platforms in a simple, user-friendly way, please, see the issue for details. One-time contributions, series of posts, a best-seller book about Fediverse… You name it. Fediverse Chronicles are waiting for you!