diversity is strength


is a portmanteau of two words “federation” and “universe”

It is a common, widely acknowledged name for federated social networks running on free open software on a myriad of servers across the world. Historically, this term has included only microblogging platforms supporting a set of protocols called OStatus. This didn't do justice to a large set of macroblogging social networks that share same values and are reasonably popular. With the appearance of a new standard protocol called ActivityPub that will soon be supported by most federated networks it makes no sense to further divide the federated world into “OStatus” and “non-OStatus” projects. This WIKI unites all interoperable federated social networks under one term “Fediverse”.



programming languages

  • PHP: GNU Social, Friendica, Hubzilla, postActiv, Osada, Pixelfed
  • Ruby: diaspora, Mastodon, Libertree
  • Python: Socialhome, Funkwhale
  • Elixir: Pleroma
  • Rust: Aardwolf, Rustodon
  • (Node)JS: Misskey, PeerTube, pump.io
  • Go: GangGo

Fediverse social networks have many differences from mainstream platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc). For one, all of the federated networks are developed by the community of people all around the globe, independent from any corporation or official institution. This means that you can take part in the development and growth of the Fediverse. All skills are valuable: spreading the word, inviting friends are most welcome activities. Another difference of these social networks from corporate silos is the principle of federation. Mainstream networks concentrate millions of users on their servers. That gives them dangerous powers of controlling information and hoarding users' private data, using it for commercial profit (and who knows what other causes). Fediverse networks are designed to be run by anybody: you are free to choose and register on any instance you like, you can choose the person who will be in charge of your data, the administrator of your server. If you have some technical knowledge, you can administrate your own instance for your friends and family, at your will connecting with thousands of other independent instances across the web. In a sense, Fediverse is like a feudal system where power and data are decentralized and scattered across multiple lands, while mainstream corporate websites each made themselves a king (or a tyrant?) of their own huge land, surrounded with high fences, and reserve all the decision-making, data control and censorship to themselves. If you are not a fan of feudalism and middle ages, trust this: Fediverse has much more to it than it looks at first sight. Many people use federated networks, their interests are varied, their opinions and views on life may wildly differ. You will meet well-informed nerds and friendly hackers, merry pirates and gloomy privacy advocates, altruistic activists and treacherous trolls, and many good friends. But don't trust our word - check for yourself.

JOIN FEDIVERSE * alternative lists of servers may be found on some network pages under “join the network” title

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