PeerTube stable 1.0.0 [updated]

12.10.18 By: @lostinlight ,

PeerTube, federated video streaming platform, reached first stable release. It’s in the final testing stage, the official announcement is due Monday.

Following the successful crowdfunding campaign a great ammount of work has been put into the project. It was polished, improved and enforced with new features. Most milestones were met. Among other things, PeerTube now has user subscriptions, subtitles and localization support, advanced search, QR code to share video’s URL, scheduling a video update, adding NSFW videos policy, ability to delete your account, blacklist local videos or set a moderation comment to an abuse, ability to import videos from a URL (YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, raw file etc), remote comments from other Fediverse platforms like Mastodon, Pleroma etc, magnet URIs in player and download modal.

Some well-known organizations, including Blender, Krita, GNOME and KDE have officially joined PeerTube. See updating list of early adopters here.

Would you like to see more video creators in PeerTube? Invite them to join!