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Jason Robinson calls out for help to make a stats hub for all projects. Help adding OStatus and ActivityPub networks to the list.


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Why use federated networks (WIP)

This article is a stub. You can help the Fediverse wiki by expanding it. Anyone welcome to contribute. It may be a less technical article, for your friend and your grandma. Explaining with vivid examples why privacy is important, how corporate entities are misusing their capabilities, etc.


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Mastodon 2.4.0 finally out

As always, new release has many additions and improvements. In terms of better privacy, you can now hide following / followers lists, if you wish.
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Misskey part of Fediverse

Welcome Misskey - ActivityPub platform. Polls, recommended users, server info, dark mode, emoji reactions! (news by
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Hubzilla 3.4 release

This release is focused on usability improvements. It introduces a new permission role and autosave functionality, along with other changes.
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Fediverse statistics

Have a look at '' - new stats. Glue them together with '' and you'll get a good picture of Fediverse.
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+ 1 Rust project

Here comes Rustodon - Mastodon-compatible, ActivityPub speaking server in Rust. Currently under development. Go check it out, join and contribute.
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Pinafore Mastodon web client

New web client for Mastodon. Simple, fast on low-end laptops and phones. Mastodon already has several alternative clients. Good open API is the key!
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ActivityPub in GNU Social?

User @dansup confirmed that ActivityPub support for GNU Social is in the works. They'll be working on the plugin this summer. Good news, Fediverse!
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diaspora* features and bounties

New feature — client-side picture resize — merged in diaspora* develop brunch, will soon be available. Author got a $200 bounty. Take a bounty too!
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Gopher Support in Pleroma

Pleroma is a high-performance and low-resource server meant to run even on small devices like Raspberry Pi. Now it supports Gopher!
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diaspora* calling coders

As an open-source Free Software project, diaspora* is created by its community. With an influx of new users there's a new call for collaboration.
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Friendica 3.6 released

Friendica the Tazmans Flax-​lily is the name of the release, a tribute to Tony Baldwin. The big adventure of reorganising code brings many updates.
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Aardwolf Mozilla Global Sprint

Aardwolf is taking part in Mozilla’s Global Sprint (May 10th-11th). Check out the hacker's guide of the project for all the current plans and ideas.
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Fediverse testsuite

This tool runs CI tests in addition to the project's own testsuite and will help developers working on federated platforms spot bugs easier.
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ActivityPub soon in Pleroma

ActivityPub support will be merged into the develop branch of Pleroma in the next days. Have fun sending pseudo-private messages to Mastodon friends!
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FAQ for newcomers

this is a stub for an article. Anyone welcome to contribute
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Hubzilla 3.0 major release

Dedicated to the memory of Tony Baldwin (@Tazman), a Friendica / Redmatrix / Hubzilla contributor, who passed away last week.
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diaspora* 0.7.0 major release

This is one of the biggest updates. The new federation protocol included as part of 0.7 is incompatible with versions older than